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Our cleaning processes involve careful inspection and cleaning based on tested best practice.  Our use of high quality equipment and solvents ensures an odorless, crisp finish for your garments.


Laundry Services

From shirts, blouses to staff uniforms, we use superior cleaning agents to restore and preserve your image.  The fresh smell of well processed garments remains a consistent and distinguishing feature of our laundry services.



Beddings, curtains, table linen, carpets and rugs… you name it.  Expert care is provided to keep your household items looking great and welcoming to every guest who visits your home.


Repairs & alterations

All garments are inspected prior to cleaning to check for defects that need fixing.  Minor repairs such as replacing buttons and repairing small tears are done on-site by our dedicated in house textile specialists –  at absolutely no charge!  Major alterations are available at subsidized rates to keep you looking sharp and confident


Special occasion items

Our experienced experts inspect and determine the appropriate method for processing your special event items.  Upon cleaning, careful hand-finishing and packaging ensures that the precious memory of your event is permanently preserved.

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